Camp Horizon Media Site

This site provides a convenient way to look at camp videos, pictures, and to listen to recorded chapel sessions.

The blog name CAMPings is a contraction of Camp and Pings (a word play). Pings are signals sent out from one computer to another to see if there is a connection.

CAMPings is here to connect you with Camp Horizon, Leesburg, Florida. Visit our main site to register for summer camp or retreats. The link on the menu takes you to

Parent Discussion Forum

We have added a parent discussion forum: “Parent To Parent”. Honestly, the idea for this began with a parent call about sharing transportation with other parents. With no South Florida Van service this year, more families will be looking for creative ways to get their campers to and from camp.

We have often helped parents meet other parents through the years. This forum allows parents that want to meet other parents an easy way to connect.

We opened the forum with two topics: Share a Ride for carpooling, and Parent Talk for general discussion. Parents can also create new topics or threads. Staff may also contribute to some discussions.

As a registered user on this site you may be able to comment on select posts and see private pages.

Why not just use the FaceBook group? That is a good question. On this site we have more control of who can see or contribute to this forum. Generally, if folks register with an email associated with a camper, parent, staff, or donor in the camp records, we will approve their credentials. Otherwise, we will ask them to identify themselves. If anyone posts inappropriately we can ban them and remove their posts. Besides, not everyone is on Social Media.


The safest way to share contact info is to send a message to and ask us to exchange contact info with the other parent (based on user name) and we will send you/them an email from the office. Do not post your phone number or email on the forum.