Camp Horizon is closed to the public as we follow the order of state and local government orders to “Shelter In Place”. We have volunteers and staff that are living on-site and have been quarantined since the beginning. We need to keep them safe and prevent contamination of buildings and equipment.

WHEN WILL WE KNOW ABOUT _________________?

Current orders expire on April 30. Honestly, we do not expect to know anything new before then. For now, we do not have any events before the College and Career Camp.


If we do not have staff, we will not have summer camp. For that reason we must continue to recruit and process staff applications. Almost half of our expected total applicants have started their application. Many of our returning staff are due for fingerprinting again. We start fingerprinting in May, so the deadline for application is May 1.


If we are not able to have all or any of our weeks of camp, the campers will receive refunds. The full refund only applies if we cancel, not if the camper cancels. Otherwise the refund policy is unchanged.

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