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  • September Website Updates

    The fall event pages have been updated with the latest information. Two events have been cancelled, The Ladies Retreat and Walk Worthy Conference. The Crop in the Woods and the Lakeside Quilters events have not been cancelled. The table arrangements make social distancing possible at these events. The photos from Youth Camp 2020 have been […]

  • Summer Prayer Warriors

    “So we labored in the work: and half of them held the spears from the rising of the morning until the stars appeared.” (Nehemiah 4:21) The study for our summer staff training comes from Nehemiah. Judah had been captive for some seventy years when Cyrus of Persia made the proclamation to rebuild the Temple of […]

  • COVID-19

    UNDER QUARANTINE Camp Horizon is closed to the public as we follow the order of state and local government orders to “Shelter In Place”. We have volunteers and staff that are living on-site and have been quarantined since the beginning. We need to keep them safe and prevent contamination of buildings and equipment. WHEN WILL […]

  • Early Registration

    We have fixed the bug with our Canoe Trip registrations and they are now live again. Registration is also open for the Florida Men’s Bible Study, Married Couples, the Crop, and the Quilt. TODAY: We turned on registration for College and Career Camp and for all weeks of Summer Camp. Summer Staff applications are also […]

  • If a picture paints a 1000 words….

    …..what does a 1000 pictures paint? Over a thousand pictures have been uploaded to our new online photo album.  We hope to get the photos from J2 used to create the video and hope to have the J1 video posted soon. There is no registration required on the album site.  The pictures are in three […]

  • Summer Camp 2018 Audio/Video

    We have posted the videos for three weeks of camp. We hope to have the last one (Junior One uploaded soon). These can be seen on this site (,, or the home page of Chapel sessions for Teen One and Teen Two are now posted.  We record as many as we are able. […]

  • Typical Camp Day

    Parents that are new to sending their children to summer camp and parents that are just new to Camp Horizon often ask the question, “What does a typical day of camp look like?” The daily schedules have been available on the staff information pages.  Now there is a link on the home page and the […]

  • The Character of Courage

    As parents we take every precaution to protect our children from injury.  Weight lifters must add a little more resistance to increase strength, runners must add a little more distance to gain endurance, and character development requires at least the perception of risk to gain courage and to test faith. An article on this subject […]

  • Why Choose A Bible Camp?

    There are band camps, dance camps, scout camps and fat camps. There are camps for computer geeks, sports stars, and drama queens. All of these serve to develop a given desirable skill set.  But if you want to strengthen your child’s faith and increase their knowledge of God, you need a Bible camp.  Welcome to Camp Horizon!  The spiritual […]