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Dreaming of Extreme

Among popular reality television programs are titles like “American Ninja Warrier” (NBC) where participants are challenged with dangerous obstacles. Many camps are beginning to offer extreme activities or even extreme camps. Most have at least some activity with the perception of risk.

Taking risks and succeeding is a part of growing up and becoming a confident and successful adult. However, without supervision and training, many children are injured trying to duplicate things that they see on television or the internet. Summer Camps can provide young folks the opportunity to challenge themselves under supervision with the perception of risk. For our camp, they can challenge a 32 foot climbing wall, water-ski, tube, sail, or canoe with the actual risk minimized by proper equipment, training, and supervision.

By allowing their children the opportunity to challenge themselves, parents can help to build their child’s self-confidence and prepare them adult life.  Summer Camp is not just about fun.  Camping builds character, confidence, and the unique opportunity to develop diverse friendships.