Camp Horizon Media Site

This site provides a convenient way to look at camp videos, pictures, and to listen to recorded chapel sessions.

The blog name CAMPings is a contraction of Camp and Pings (a word play). Pings are signals sent out from one computer to another to see if there is a connection.

CAMPings is here to connect you with Camp Horizon, Leesburg, Florida. Visit our main site to register for summer camp or retreats. The link on the menu takes you to

2019 Summer Camp Media

Summer 2019 is over and we have posted the following items for you to view on the web.

  • Cabin Photos and Random Photos for each week of camp.
  • Teen One – Cabin Photos only (random photos are coming soon).
  • Chapel Sessions for Teen 1, Teen 2, and half of the Training sessions.
  • Weekly Videos including some extras.
  • All of the Camp Horizon digital media can be found on our blog website:
    This is NOT (our main website).

    The menu items are “Photo Album”, “Camp Videos”, & “Camp Audio Files”. You can find pictures from 2018-2019, videos from as early as 2010, and summer camp chapel audio from as early as 2012.


    For the first time ever, we were able to produce a USB with the full size photos, videos, and chapel sessions for each week of camp. This allowed campers to have these files right away. The cost was $12 and we sold almost fifty. We plan to do that again in 2020.

    We cannot upload these files at camp during the summer because our internet is too slow and we do not have the time to shrink the files for web use. This is the earliest that we have had them all posted. What we post on the web has been reduced in size. This is done for several reasons.


    The photos are reduced to 800px maximum width. This makes the photo pages load quicker. They still look good on a computer screen.


    Reducing the size makes it so that the videos stream over most internet speeds. We pay for the storage of the videos and band-width for streaming them, but even if it were free, the full resolution videos are just too large to upload.

    The video’s are reduced from 1080 or 720 (however they were provided to us) and sizes approaching 3 GB (almost fills a DVD) to 320 and sizes at or under 100 MB (0.1 GB). The sound (music) is also stripped on most videos for copyright reasons. So, the videos look best on a phone or tablet.


    The older files were reduced much smaller in days before higher internet speeds. Most newer files are 192kps (audio CD compatible). If handouts were provided, they can be downloaded on the streaming pages.