Online Activity Scheduling

An added feature of our new camp management software is online activity scheduling. We are testing it right now and expect to go live about April 15.  Our friends at Horton Haven made this transition a few years ago and they say that they  love it!  

First of all,  how were we doing activity scheduling?  We use a formula to optimize class sizes to maximize the camper”s chance of getting their top choices of activities. The grid is finalized as late as Sunday afternoon when the camper count is final. The campers take a card from line to line with a friend or two – beginning with their top choices. When their cards set all full, we input all of the cards into the database to print the activity rosters and master activity lists. That is how we know where campers are throughout the day.  We usually finish the reports about 2am Monday. 

With Activity Scheduler we use the same planning tools, but set a minimum and maximum for each activity time.  Campers and their parents login to the camper dashboard and choose their top six Activity choices. We offer four activity times and expect most to get all their top four choices.  The program will prioritize based on the date that activities were entered ( or modified – so making changes can affect you). If friends want to stick together they need to register for camp early and complete activity scheduling on the same day as their friend and request the same activities in the same order. 

Periodically, we can run the scheduler and open additional class periods for popular activities and decrease classes that are not filling.  We did this during live scheduling sometimes. Every change requires one to three other changes which can be complicated. Here, the test run is hypothetical, so we can add an archery class, drop a weed pulling class, and run it again. So by the time the camp is full or registration day arrives we can be certain that we have enough popular activity classes to meet the need. 

After registration closes on Sunday, the campers will go to orientation as usual, but will gain an hour by not signing up for classes.  Instead, there is time for an activity.  Back in the office we run the scheduler one last time. We verify again that skiers have paid for skiing and have permission ( the only activity that we charge for). We check our notes from campers and parents. We have one last chance to make a manual fix, then we print the reports and go to dinner!  

Will campers be able to keep together with a buddy?  If they schedule exactly the same day and order of choices they should be kept together. We will run a report that looks for identical patterns and work to keep those campers together if at all possible. 

Can they pick a particular order of classes? No.  But even with the manual system campers often found that after their top one or two chooices they either had to sacrifice the choice of time or activity.  The scheduler is like being first in line for every activity, then getting them in the order that allows the top choices to be met.

What if a camper is enrolled but not registered?  You are not registered until a deposit is paid. You cannot make a payment until all forms are complete (including the Camper Health Form). You cannot schedule activities until you are registered. 

Even those that register later should get their top choices for activities. However, we recommend that campers register early and schedule activities as soon as possible. 

If you need help please call during normal business hours. We will notify registered campers via email when Activity Scheduling goes live!



2017 Married Couples

2017 Married Couples Retreat at Camp Horizon (Steve Price)

The header for this blog is a link to a page on where you can stream the chapel sessions from the 2017 Married Couples Retreat with Steve Price. The links below are to the visuals.  Session One  Session Two  Session Three  Session Four  Session Five  Session Six  Extra Sessions

Camp Horizon Bible Institute


The idea for a year-round discipleship program for young people that are out of high-school but not ready for college and career has been kicked around for much of the last decade.  These are commonly referred to as GAP programs (between high-school and college) and many camps have them or are working toward starting one.  The need for these programs has been widely recognized.  The board of directors met on April 30, 2016 primarily to discuss work done by committee since January on beginning a program at Camp Horizon.  There is a page on dedicated to informing folks about this program.  In short, it is a one year residential Bible and Discipleship program.  Participants will live at Camp Horizon and complete the equivalent of one year of Bible School with various qualified instructors and mentors.  They will also serve at Camp Horizon, in after-school programs, youth ministries, and other ministries.  We are working on the cost (looking at cost of $8000 or less if we do this in 2016) – This will be finalized by the end of May.  We need eight students (4 women and 4 men) to begin the program this fall (August or September).

Here is the link for more information.

Here is the link for the prospective student survey.


Summer Camp Update


A newsletter that included a short-form camper brochure was mailed to over 1,900 addresses.  The editing and mailing took several weeks and it did not go out near April 1 as desired, but closer to May 1.  Consequently we have extended the PAY IN FULL discount to June 1.  That is a Snak-Shak credit of $10.  If you pay in full for both weeks you add the second week credit. This is being applied as a Snak-Shak credit of $15 per week.



The camper counts through May 1 have exceeded the previous year (for the same day).  We have a long way to go to fill all of the camps.  It is not likely that there will be a waiting list.  With the addition of four cabins in 2008 we have some flexibility to accept more campers if we have enough counselors to add a cabin.


The original idea behind this was to provide a team shirt and to make sure that every camper can go home with a memento of their week of camp.  This is related to a plan for a new team assignment model that is used by other camps and some of our guest groups.  Cabin assignments will remain the same – by age & grade.  However, the team assignments will be an attempt to produce equal teams.  That means that each cabin will have campers from every team.  The teams compete in one all-camp event each day (Sunday – Thursday), Bible Memory points (Monday-Friday) and get bonus points for bulls-eyes (archery and riflery) and chapel participation.  When we add a fifth or sixth cabin it gets hard to divide into four teams – this model solves that problem and equalizes the teams.  It also means that we can put friends (or siblings) on the same team that are not in the same cabin.  The Teen Camp directors may opt-out this year to see how it goes. We have to order shirts 10-14 days before each week of camp – so shirt size is important on the camper application.  Campers that register after the shirt order may not get a team color (and/or an oversize shirt).


There are no paper applications this year.  However, the online form can be completed on a smart-phone or tablet.  If a parent really cannot find access to a computer we will take the information by phone. Of course if you are reading this blog, you must have access to some type of technology (smile).

It is very important that parents complete the online health form. It also includes the camper agreement.




Staff Pocket Logo


It was in 2000 or 2001 that we began to put the year on the staff shirt (pocket logo).  We also began the tradition of putting a theme verse and graphic on the back of the staff shirts. Prior to that most of the staff shirts simply had a logo with STAFF printed below it.  Many of us still have problems keeping straight which years where which color shirt.

All of the designs so far have come from a single designer.  It is time to start a new tradition.  We have the subject for our Training Camp sessions and two verses to choose from for our all-summer (staff) theme.  Designs will be accepted from now through April 15, 2016.  You can sketch and scan, or mail your idea.  You can do it in a graphics program.  We have folks that can make your idea printable, so don’t be shy.  The winner will be honored in some way, but not likely financially.  Some designs submitted may be considered for camper shirts.  Show us what you’ve got!

Option One:  SET YOUR AFFECTION ON THINGS ABOVE (Colossians 3:2)

Option Two: THAT IN THE AGES TO COME … (Ephesians 2:7)

Consider this marvelous fact. A lifetime is not enough time for God to show us the wonder of His Son.  God plans to spend an eternity (“ages to come”) to show us the “riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.”  [From Bill Bradford – Training Camp 2016 Bible Teacher]  Think Revelation chapters 4 through 22.

This is open to anybody.  There is no cash prize, so it is really a labor of love.  You can contact us if you are working on this and want more detail or feedback on your drafts. We usually only print in a single color (it is a free shirt – so we have to be frugal).

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  All designs submitted become the property of Evangelistic Horizons Unlimited Inc (dba Camp Horizon) and can be modified and used as appropriate without the permission of the artist.  No payment of any kind is promised.  You declare by your submission that this is your own design and to your knowledge does not contain undeclared copyrighted images.

Our email and mailing address can be found on



The website is now updated with the latest Summer Camp 2016 information for both campers and staff. Feel free to search the pages. Let us know if any of the links fail.  When we recycle pages they sometimes have a previous year in their name that creates a broken link.


Archery remains a popular camp activity

In an effort to increase the value of the camping experience the board of directors has made a few changes for this summer.  The cost increase was a minimal ten dollars ($10).  The board’s idea was to keep camp affordable and to make sure that even a sponsored camper can choose a premium activity (wall climbing) and take home a souvenir t-shirt.

  • Every camper will receive a T-Shirt (a $12 value).
    • Some weeks of camp the shirts will be color coded by team.
  • Wall Climbing is free in 2016 (a $35 value).
  • Some discounts are now spending money (Snak Shak) credits.


About a dozen campers signed up for 2016 in December of last year.  This was an encouraging start.  The latest addition to the online services is an improved health form (and parent authorization) that is linked to the camper registration.  This link went live today.  Parents can edit the health and activity authorization information up until a few days before each week of camp.

We have not produced a paper application for 2016. Most campers registered online in 2015 and it is possible to complete the online forms with a PC, MAC, a tablet or even a smart phone. It has also become difficult to put all of the required information on a one page printed application.  This is especially true of the health form and parent agreement. However, if someone absolutely must apply using a paper application we will accommodate them as much as possible.  Just give us a call.  We plan to mail flyers or cards instead of applications this year.


The Summer Camp Staff page went live today.  It is not an easy process for the staff or the office, but it is designed to assure that the campers are safe and that the staff is qualified.

  • All staff must have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ
  • All staff must be active in a local fellowship (church)
  • All staff must come recommended to serve
  • All staff must agree with the Camp Horizon statement of faith
  • All staff must agree to abide by the Camp Horizon policies
  • All staff must complete Level II background screening (fingerprinted)
  • Our high-school and college staff complete a full seek of training.

What do they get?

  • Memories and friends to last a lifetime
  • A limited edition Summer Staff shirt (collectible)
  • Great meals, nutritious snacks, and a bunk for the summer.
  • An opportunity to grow in their faith with sound teaching
  • A chance to help others to come to faith in Jesus Christ (and grow)
  • Community Service Hours & Work Experience


The two Teen Camp videos can be viewed at If you click on them you can make them full screen or even download them. We are having trouble locating the Junior Camp videos, but they will be posted as soon as they are found.

Camp Friends

…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.  Proverbs 18:24

Kitty and I share mutual friendships with campers and staff from the early years of Camp Horizon.  We don’t spend Thanksgiving or Christmas together, but when one of these dear friends calls we pause for a visit that never seems quite long enough.


When we received word that our friend and mentor Ted Thisse had been promoted to glory it was not long before we heard from several of our camp friends.  Ted was the director of Camp Horizon in the transition from being a summer camp at rented facilities to the purchase and development of the property on Lake Harris (near Railroad Cove) in Leesburg, Florida.

The original logo for the new camp was a train and the dining hall was designed to resemble a train station.  Ted and his dad built this original camp sign which was stolen in the eighties. The one at our entrance now was reproduced from the original plans.  The stolen sign was returned about twenty years later.  It now hangs on a wall in the camp office.

The florist seemed unwilling or unable to make a train flower arrangement for Ted’s memorial, so we had them use the original camp color scheme (green and white) and we took our own train (pictured here).  Ten of us traveled from several states to honor Ted and to encourage Karen and the family.  Many others sent their memories and expressions of love by every means available (text, social media, etc) from literally all over the world.  That is how it is with camp friends.

This picture is only a representative sample of the camp friends from those early years.  We know each other’s spouses (many of us are camp couples) and we know each other’s children.  We share memories and have copies of the same pictures in our albums.  We have a lot of the same contacts in our telephones. Our children were campers and/or on summer staff together. We hope that the tradition continues. We are family.

This weekend we hosted the annual Spanish Family Camp.  Some of this generation of camp friends helped on the retreat staff, some were part of the retreat, and others came for the day on Saturday.  They share a bond, like our group formed forty-years earlier, that is as close as family.  They laughed and shared memories of their summers together.

There are all kinds of camps for children.  There are sports camps, fitness camps, and camps for computer geeks.  There are recreation camps, music camps, an academic camps.  Friendships may form at any of these camps, but when you add the elements of faith, Scripture, and Christian fellowship to the camp experience the bonds that form are more than just temporal, they are eternal.

You cannot buy friendship for your child, but you can send them to camp or support their decision to serve on summer camp staff.   Pray with them, pray for them, and leave the rest to the Lord.  They may find like us that there are no friends – like our camp friends.



Typical Camp Day

Parents that are new to sending their children to summer camp and parents that are just new to Camp Horizon often ask the question, “What does a typical day of camp look like?”

The daily schedules have been available on the staff information pages.  Now there is a link on the home page and the Summer Camp 2015 page to documents used by the Program Directors including those schedules.

The theme each week is related to both the games/competition and the spiritual message.  That message permeates the entire program. We post them on the summer schedule in May.  Not all weeks have been updated as of today.

There are two chapel times, but the entire day is about bringing glory to God.  Each cabin begins and ends their day with prayer. Bible Memory is part of the competition. There is prayer and Bible reading at every meal.

Camp Horizon provides an opportunity for a child to have fun in the context of an environment where God is honored, the Bible is trusted, and campers are loved by their counselors and the staff.

We certainly hope to see every camper come to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.  However, even children that have not come to faith in Christ respond to the fun and loving atmosphere offered at Camp Horizon.  Our staff members live out their faith and are willing to share the story of their faith at any time.  We do not pressure campers to believe. We believe that drawing a child to faith is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Our core beliefs are found on our website (Statement of Faith).

At each meal there is prayer and a short devotion from one of the staff members.  We call it a “nugget” from God’s Word and is usually not more than 2-3 minutes.  Meal times also include Mail Call at lunch (or supper if the mail is late), announcements, and skits or other program activities related to the theme of the week.  Nobody leaves the dining hall hungry.


While the staff and one counselor from each cabin are at Leader’s Prep, the second counselor wakes their campers and begins cabin cleanup.

Next, while the campers and counselors are at Flag Raising getting their morning announcements and competition update the cabins are inspected (points toward the competition). Then it is off to cabin prayer.


With the new schedule the morning is packed with activities that the camper has chosen on registration day.  There are usually about a dozen options to choose from. (Swimming, Sailing, Canoeing, Ski/Tub, Basketball, Archery, Riflery, Indoor Soccer, etc). The activities chosen are for the whole week.


CABIN TIME keeps the campers out of the peak sun and allows time for rest and Bible Memory.

CHAPEL (the alternative schedule has chapel in the morning)

Snak Shak / Free Time
Junior campers can spend up to $3 per day for snacks.  This is also free swim.  We alternate boys and girls because junior campers tend to take forever in the Snak Shak line, and we have to limit the number of swimmers in the pool.  This schedule addresses both issues.
Teen Camp does not have a limit and the entire time is free time.  This is pretty much all the unscheduled time that there is for the day.  There may be individual competition during this time (optional), or they can just hang out with friends.

We do not rotate the activities for Junior Camp. If you look at the Teen Camp schedule you can see the rotation.  The purpose was originally to give waterfront activities an equal shot at smooth morning water.


The evening activity is ALL CAMP.  These are big games that everyone plays.  Sometimes the teen camp schedule swaps this with chapel to play a “night game”.

Flag lowering (like flag raising) gets everyone together and helps keep us on schedule.


Cabin Devotions & Bed Time

Repeat Sunday Night through Friday Night, then home on Saturday.

You are welcome to view the videos and schedules on  We put announcements on our facebook page, but our facebook group is more interactive.  The members are campers, staff, and administration.  Feel free to join us.

FaceBook Page: MyCampHorizon     Group: camphorizon
(be careful, there are similar names)


Married Couples Retreat

We are looking forward to a weekend with Ben Scripture ( in just a few weeks!  Keep reading for some exciting and new information.

The board of directors met on Saturday as part of a full day of camp events. The Flag Football event was provided at no charge this year.  After some discussion the board decided to extend this idea to select Camp Horizon sponsored events.  The first of these will be Married Couples (and children).

The goal is to make it possible for families that would benefit from this retreat to attend even if they cannot afford to pay the full posted rate.   Room assignments (including the lodge) will be made based on best family fit and at the discretion of the camp office. This event has filled for the past few years and there are a fixed number of spaces. There are eighteen available spots for couples.  The online registration still requires a $25 deposit.  To register without payment you must mail in the form.

Couples must be married. Children must be ages 11 and under (without special consideration).

The form is posted on the camp website and was mailed to 1,800 addresses a few weeks ago.

Donations up to the posted rate are considered voluntary payment and are not tax-deductible.




2015 Annual Corporate Meeting

The annual corporate meeting of Evangelistic Horizons Unlimited Inc (dba Camp Horizon) was held on Saturday January 3, 2015.  Twenty five voting representatives were among the one hundred or so attendees.  The meeting was held during the break between the morning pool-play and afternoon finals of the Flag Football Tournament.

We appreciate all of those who came for this event.  The football event results will be posted later this week.  We had to transition from Flag-Football to the Men’s Bible Study on Saturday evening.  There were several collegian staff alumni that stayed to help setup the chapel (thanks).

Welcome to the Executive Committee Andy Van Demark.  Andy has been a summer director and frequent volunteer at Camp Horizon year-round.   We also welcome Jack Moorhouse as an alternate to the Executive Board.  Jack has helped on several projects through the years – usually involving hand and power tools.




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