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This site provides a convenient way to look at camp videos, pictures, and to listen to recorded chapel sessions.

The blog name CAMPings is a contraction of Camp and Pings (a word play). Pings are signals sent out from one computer to another to see if there is a connection.

CAMPings is here to connect you with Camp Horizon, Leesburg, Florida. Visit our main site to register for summer camp or retreats. The link on the menu takes you to

Parent Discussion Forum

We have added a parent discussion forum: “Parent To Parent”. Honestly, the idea for this began with a parent call about sharing transportation with other parents. With no South Florida Van service this year, more families will be looking for creative ways to get their campers to and from camp.

We have often helped parents meet other parents through the years. This forum allows parents that want to meet other parents an easy way to connect.

We opened the forum with two topics: Share a Ride for carpooling, and Parent Talk for general discussion. Parents can also create new topics or threads. Staff may also contribute to some discussions.

As a registered user on this site you may be able to comment on select posts and see private pages.

Why not just use the FaceBook group? That is a good question. On this site we have more control of who can see or contribute to this forum. Generally, if folks register with an email associated with a camper, parent, staff, or donor in the camp records, we will approve their credentials. Otherwise, we will ask them to identify themselves. If anyone posts inappropriately we can ban them and remove their posts. Besides, not everyone is on Social Media.


The safest way to share contact info is to send a message to and ask us to exchange contact info with the other parent (based on user name) and we will send you/them an email from the office. Do not post your phone number or email on the forum.

2020 Ladies Conference



There were over twenty guests in person at Central Bible Chapel.

Zoom reported 73 unique logins.Several folks have seen part of the conference on FaceBook Live.

Here are the two sessions (edited).

SESSION ONE: Knowing Him Through (my) Experience



SESSION TWO: Knowing Him Through His Word


September Website Updates

The fall event pages have been updated with the latest information. Two events have been cancelled, The Ladies Retreat and Walk Worthy Conference.

The Crop in the Woods and the Lakeside Quilters events have not been cancelled. The table arrangements make social distancing possible at these events.

The photos from Youth Camp 2020 have been placed in a password protected album. Parents have been notified. If you want the password (and are a registered camper/staff/donor) we will provide you with the login information on request.

CHBI is going VIRTUAL. Go to for more information

Summer Prayer Warriors

“So we labored in the work: and half of them held the spears from the rising of the morning until the stars appeared.” (Nehemiah 4:21)

The study for our summer staff training comes from Nehemiah. Judah had been captive for some seventy years when Cyrus of Persia made the proclamation to rebuild the Temple of the Lord at Jerusalem. (Ezra 1:1-2).

Word reached Nehemiah, the cupbearer of Artaxerxes, that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down and the gates were burned (Nehemiah 1:1-3; 2:1). He asked the king to send him to Jerusalem to build the city and secure its gates (Nehemiah 2:3-6).

Then as now, the work of the Lord is not easy and there is often opposition. This year is no exception. At this point, every summer camp in North America has either cancelled their season, closed their doors, or made changes in their schedule and policies to make camp happen. It has not been easy and the battle has really only begun.

Once the work was underway in Jerusalem, opposition increased and the work was stopped for a time. When the task resumed, the builders worked with one hand and held a weapon in the other. While half worked, the other half stood guard watching over them (Nehemiah 4:17-21).

As we begin this work of the Lord, some of our regular volunteers are not able to serve because of limitations placed on them by work, health, or family obligations related to Covid-19. Many hours have been spent (and will be spent) working on policies and procedures to keep our campers and staff safe and within the guidelines provided.

This work is important! For many campers, this is the highlight of their year. For some, it will be the turning point for the rest of their lives. The gospel will be preached and lives will be changed.

Will you stand guard over the work! Will you commit to at least one daily season of prayer for the campers, the work, and the workers at Camp Horizon?



Camp Horizon is closed to the public as we follow the order of state and local government orders to “Shelter In Place”. We have volunteers and staff that are living on-site and have been quarantined since the beginning. We need to keep them safe and prevent contamination of buildings and equipment.

WHEN WILL WE KNOW ABOUT _________________?

Current orders expire on April 30. Honestly, we do not expect to know anything new before then. For now, we do not have any events before the College and Career Camp.


If we do not have staff, we will not have summer camp. For that reason we must continue to recruit and process staff applications. Almost half of our expected total applicants have started their application. Many of our returning staff are due for fingerprinting again. We start fingerprinting in May, so the deadline for application is May 1.


If we are not able to have all or any of our weeks of camp, the campers will receive refunds. The full refund only applies if we cancel, not if the camper cancels. Otherwise the refund policy is unchanged.

Early Registration

We have fixed the bug with our Canoe Trip registrations and they are now live again. Registration is also open for the Florida Men’s Bible Study, Married Couples, the Crop, and the Quilt.

TODAY: We turned on registration for College and Career Camp and for all weeks of Summer Camp. Summer Staff applications are also live!

Shortcut Links

  • for summer camp and events
  • for summer staff applications
  • to make an online donation

If you are on our mailing list, look for a newsletter the week after Christmas. We will send it out by email next week as well.

New: Family Event Registration

In 2020 we introduce a more convenient way to register multiple family members for the same event. MROC (Multiple Registrations – One Contact) is being used for Married Couples (plus young children) and the Canoe Trips. The Married Couples Retreat also offers the opportunity to choose your housing!


A responsible adult uses the family login and chooses the adults and children to enroll in the event. This is so much easier than registering family members one at a time.


If all members of the family have enrolled as campers before, then they can be chosen from a drop down menu. The way to check this before you enroll for the canoe trip or married couples is to login to the Dashboard and see if all of the family members appear as campers.


It may be that parents appear only under CONTACTS for the children. If that is the case, please notify the camp office and we will convert the adult contacts to campers. Then you can enroll your family all at once.


New family members (usually additional children, or an adult that is not a camper contact) can be EASILY added during MROC enrollment.


Some families bring along a camper that does not have a father, or their father is unable to come on the canoe trip. In this case, contact us before enrolling so that we can add the existing camper to your family login. This does not remove them from their own family login..


Enrollment is open for Married Couples 2020 and both the Father-Son and Father – Daughter canoe trips. As long as you are enrolled (not confirmed) – not registered, you can edit your camper group. Once you register, changes can only be done from the camp office.

2020 Registration – Testing Phase

Summer Camp registration is all setup for 2020. We are just testing things before we open it. Here are some new things that you will see and some reminders.


About twenty groups have a 2020 GHR code so far. Group Hold Registration codes do several things.

  • The GHR shows only weeks available for certain guests. The “staff” GHR shows only staff weeks and bunny camp weeks. This keeps summer campers from registering for a camp staff program by mistake. The AHG code is for the American Heritage Girls Camp (a private camp).
  • The GHR code groups campers with their church. For folks like The Bridge Church it helps them keep count for transportation.
  • The GHR code applies discounts and scholarships provided to/by chapels and churches that have made those arrangements with Camp Horizon.
  • The GHR code eliminates the need for camp to approve group discounts. If your church name and code match, any matching discount is applied automatically.

Note: Do not use a code that does not match your church. These are reviewed by camp and by a representative of the church. If the camper is not recognized then all discounts are removed.


Group Discounts are handled through GHR codes this year. If you do not see a code for your chapel or church and your church sends at least twenty campers, contact us.

Sibling Discounts are a generous $25. This year, CampWise is set to look for two or more registrations from the same login account. If there is only one, the requested discount does not show up. However, if you meet the qualifications and request the sibling discount, it will be applied automatically. Like the group discounts, we will verify that these are applied correctly periodically.

Early Registration is now the Early Payment discount. The $25 discount is subtracted from your total. This shows as an asterisk * beside the balance due. These are only applied after the camper fees are paid in full.


Transportation Fees are now added to the deposit. Campers coming to camp on the South Florida Van are not registered until they pay the van fees and the $75 Deposit. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause for some folks.

Paid Activities: This is waterskiing/ tubing. That is the only activity that has an additional fee.

Additional Charges worked amazingly well in 2019. It is here that parents can purchase a set of cabin photos, a water bottle, t-shirts, camp video and pictures on a USB drive, flashlights, etc. Pre-purchased items are ready for the camper on registration day. Because they are prepaid, they do not need funds in their Snak Shak account to buy them during the week.


Camper Medications (not just prescription) can be added and edited at any time. If parents complete the information online, it speeds up things on registration day.


  • Campers will receive a free shirt if the register at least 14 days before they arrive.
  • Campers receive a 4×6 cabin photo.


We will continue to use one-way messaging. All messages to a camper are printed one one sheet (well, sometimes two) and distributed at lunch. There are two ways to send a message.

  • A message can be sent from the dashboard.
  • Parents can invite family and friends to send messages. They are provided with a website address and a camper code. Parents can invite themselves as well to avoid the need to login to the dashboard.

It is one-way. There is no way for campers to reply. They do not have internet access.

When our tests are complete we will turn on 2020 registration.

2019 Summer Digital Media

The 2019 Summer Camp videos for each week of camp, digital pictures, and the recordings from the Teen Camp chapel sessions are now posted

How will you fill the gap?

Are you out of high school and not beginning college this semester?  Are you undecided about your life path? You are in the gap!  CHBI was originally modeled as a “GAP PROGRAM” to provide help with the transition from high school to college or adult life.  There is still time to join the fall 2018 class!

Our first graduates were both educated at home.  This style of education allows for flexibility and all the time needed to progress.  College and adult life are less forgiving.  There are time constraints and absolute deadlines.  CHBI classes are on a college freshman level.  The semesters are ten weeks, so it is much like a college summer term.  After the successful completion of this program a student could enroll in any college and expect to keep up.

The first semester is very intense.  The student will complete most of the New Testament and the historical narratives of the Old Testament.  There is a foundational class in Bible Study Methods that will help the student in all other classes and for the rest of their life as they read and study the Bible.

If you could only come for one full semester – the fall would be the one you should not miss.  Classes begin Monday 9/10/18.

There is still a Camp Horizon intern position (work-study) open.